Ceet x


The girl and the chicanos

Two Hollywood superstars representing Chinese and Western cultures are featured to interpret Hong Kong unique characteristics where East meets West. The artist signature colourful "chicken" pattern is incorporated in the art piece to inject the trendiness and cuteness to the community. The chickens are the metaphor of the citizens who are easily assimilated in the society. Ceet hopes to encourage the public to find themselves and become a different person through his works.

作品以了兩位分別能代表中西方文化的荷里活巨星,演繹香港完美融匯中西文化的特色,並加入了藝術家為人熟知色彩班斕 的「小雞群」,冀為社區帶來既時尚又可愛歡愉的感覺。「小雞群」象徵易於被社會同化的都市人,藝術家希望透過作品鼓勵大眾尋找自我,成為與別不同的人。