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The Journey 幻想啟程

Soho is a place where the interesting story begins. This mural is inspired by the daily conversations among peers at social gatherings who share dreams, adventures, affairs and so forth together. The artists transform the dramatic conversations into visual and express them on a wall with dazzling colours. The mural is divided into different scenes to invite audiences to make interaction and start their fantastic and romantic journeys.

Soho 是一個匯聚有趣故事的地方,作品的靈感來自人與好友相聚暢談的話題,例如夢想、探險及感情故事等,將精彩故事轉化成色彩,以亮眼的巨型七彩牆畫來表達。作品劃分成不同場景,希望讓人透過與牆畫互動,進入故事,來一場奇幻浪漫之旅。