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Draw On Wall promotes art as a lifestyle by creating customized and inspiring murals.


Being one of the largest and most diverse artists network in Hong Kong, we create a one-of-a-kind environment for living, working, and public spaces.


From children’s art to street graffiti, from figurative drawing to abstract painting, each artist celebrates an aesthetic unique to their visual language and their individuality to transform your wall into an exclusive piece of art.


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This web site is here as a resource for you to work out your thoughts and to strategize ways to remain committed to your addiction recovery. While this site can be used independently, the intent is to provide resources for both you-the person in addiction recovery, and your sponsor, mentor, or accountability partner so that both of you can work from the same information. ​ You can read the CYNN program as an eBook from the start to finish. However, if you are searching for a particular subject you want to read, simply look at the Table of Contents. It will give you a list of topics discussed in each of the main components of the CYNN program. In the Table of Contents, you can click on topic(s) of interest and dive right into the material that is relevant to you, today. After reading the materials that discuss both the psychological and social factors that are inherent in addiction, if you do want to further explore topics mentioned, review the Appendices in the "Go Deeper" component or do your own research by looking at the References and Resource Recommendation section called “Stay Full of God”. In it, you’ll be directed to sources (accessible on the internet) where you can read more on certain topics from reliable authors.​ Spend your time actively pursuing your relationship with God. This will continue the momentum you built in the recovery center. ​Turn your knowledge of the Triune God into your new normal habits, in both mind and body, by practicing what you learned in public to overcome unhealthy addiction. Replace self-reliance with self-sufficiency in Christ. The "Capture Your Vision" Workbook, component three of the program, is devoted to self-reflection exercises that will personalize the concepts discussed and will lead you to build a clear strategy to realize your new normal. This tab provides you with worksheets that will help you prepare your mind for action so you can be proactive and intentional in your decision to leave addiction behind! The exercises in the workbook can also be shared with others in a one-on-one discussion or can be used as an agenda for small group meetings. Building unity with others who share common goals pulls you through the discomfort of change, and connects you with people who will help you reach your new normal. See the “Table of Contents” section for potential topics and the “Personal Support tab” for more on finding a mentor.


Opinions. Everyone has one and I am no exception. My name is Lori Breen (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lori-breen-4b614b2b). The materials in this web site are a compilation of my informed opinion on how to successfully beat an addictive habit that you or someone in authority has deemed to be illegal and/or unhealthy for you. In addition to personal experience, my opinion was backed by multiple academic, religious and secular references that are outlined in the “Stay Full of God”​ tab. The information presented in this website is provided for general informational and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for licensed advice. I do not claim, and you should not assume, that all users of this site will grasp the same understanding or have the same experiences. Individual results vary. This is a free resource that encourages you, the reader, to apply the knowledge you choose to accept as appropriate and sensible for your unique persona and overall well-being. When using this site, please be aware that the information is transmitted to you for your interpretation and is delivered through a vehicle whose reliability is beyond my control. This website was published in 2021 and I assume no liability for the misuse or corruption of any data transmitted in connection with its use. All websites and phone numbers listed herein are accurate at the time of publication date but may change or cease to exist hereafter. The listing of references and resource recommendations does not imply endorsement of the body of content in the CYNN website.​ The content posted on this website is protected by copyright laws. I authorize you to download a copy of the written content solely for your personal, noncommercial use. For 4 or more copies please use the contact form below to request permission. For anyone interested in reproducing and/or customizing the material for public use, please contact me to seek approval to ensure contextual integrity of the material. To seek permission to use material that was quoted or paraphrased by me in the body of this work, please reach out to the individuals referenced.

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